About Me

My baking days started in my Mom’s kitchen when I was just a wee miss. I would create my own strange and wonderfully coloured lumps of dough with whatever ingredients I was allowed to get my hands on. Those lumps may have been completely inedible, but I sure had a blast!

Fast forward to my early 20’s when my naturopath suggested that I remove wheat from my diet. I scoured the grocery stores for any kind of bread that didn’t look or taste like a doorstop to no avail. Fortunately for me, the gluten-free diet hadn’t quite taken off yet, so my Mom and I ended up tinkering around trying (and succeeding) at making our own wheat free, no-knead bread using spelt flour.

For a long time I baked exclusively with white (aka all purpose) and whole grain spelt flour. Everything from bread, to cakes, pie pastry, muffins, pancakes and waffles, pizza dough and pasta! I began experimenting with other ancient grain flours like rye, einkorn, and teff and discovered all kinds of yummy combinations. More recently I’ve brought wheat flours back into my repertoire again not only because the price of white spelt flour has soared sky high but to allow me ultimate flexibility and creativity.

These days I am most inspired by both my Mom and Oma’s family recipes and the baker genes passed down to me from my great-great-Opa who once owned a bäckerei in Germany.

This is my journey.